Nimisha is a research scientist contributing to groundbreaking research in development of Genetic Medicine for Oncology and rare Genetic Disorders. She has spent fifteen years in biotech-pharma sector developing therapeutics for various infectious diseases and metabolic disorders.

While scientific profession keeps her stimulated, she enjoys her times with adorable little twin daughters and remains mindfully engaged in motherhood. She is now a proud mommy but she scrabbled to procreate at young age. The women’s biological clock was probably running a decade ahead of her actual age that only made conception very challenging for her.

It is this personal struggle turned her into a fertility friend cum advocate promoting fertility awareness, supporting and empowering couples while preparing for pregnancy. She encourages couples to seek help during fertility journey; no one should suffer in first place and then no one should suffer alone. Let’s break the taboo of In-fertility.

She plans to share relevant science and resources here to demystify ovarian aging and available treatment options.

Hope you feel empowered and supported here.