Peer Support and the growing trends in TTC community

When I was on the fertility road, I felt like I DIDN’T belong in online fertility communities. I wish I knew about in person support groups like Resolve. No one in my close network of friends or family knew how to help me.

My background in science, my love for music and my doctor are what kept me going.

It’s ironic how the patient who didn’t HAVE support during her own treatment is now conducting group meetings for Resolve but I think it’s because I want people to have the emotional support I was missing.

Nothing can replace the human touch, a physical person who can listen and understand and nudge you along the way when you need it. You don’t have to do it alone.

Of course, with changing times, we are only becoming more aware of our fertility choices  and fertility struggles. I want to provide with a gist of several platforms to meet like minded people with varying degree of experiences. Find out what works best for you.

1. Online communities: Did you know facebook has closed group communities for almost every major indication, i.e. IVF support groups, TTC (trying to conceive) groups, IVF+PGD group, low AMH groups, endometriosis, PCOS, inflammation and fertility groups, adoption, surrogacy and so on. Resolve has message board “inspire”with several helpful topics. There’re numerous women’s health apps and online communities form fertility clinics to provide a platform for fertility discussion and community building.

All theses message boards provide a great tool for quick answers and emotional support from hundreds and sometimes thousands of group members exchanging information but be aware that information gathered from those groups are at times misleading and lacking evidences. Please don’t completely rely on them as sole source of accurate information, always check with your doctor’s office.

2. In person support group meetings: When online communities can help maintain anonymity, in-person support groups require next level of courage and desire for support for participation. A support group provides a platform to meet like-minded people and speak with people who do understand. RESOLVE has nation wide support groups hosted by peers and professionals to provide tools to combat fertility struggles. You’ll find all information about local clinics, patient experiences, personal stories, support and comfort exchanged in small group settings. You’ll be surprised to see the impacts of joining such groups, it’s an exhilarating experience. Visit Resolve website to find local support groups in your area or start your own. It’s easy!

Image result for support groups

3. Online mentorship programs: These are newly developing free online tools in which  a matching system pairs you (mentee) with a mentor who is in a good place with their fertility journey based on causes of fertility issues, age, fertility treatments, sometimes even geographic locations, etc. Fruitful fertility and Shine Fertility have these mentorship programs. It’s kinda awesome to have a fertility mentor by yourside to support you through daily ups and downs of the journey and guide you through the process.

The biggest bottleneck in such programs is for you to be able to bond with your mentor early on with few remote interactions, and start trusting the relation for such a sensitive topic. Once you cross this hurdle, you may make lifelong friends.

Fertility patients now a days are smart and already doing their own prior research but mind you those web derived information can easily become overwhelming in those vulnerable times in your life. Find out what kind of support meets your personality, needs and expectations but don’t forget to ask for help and seek support. You don’t have to do this alone!


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